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Neuropuzzles neurofeedback game design

FREE Neurofeedback game Software NeuroPuzzles


Neurofeedback game software

NeuroPuzzles is an interactive neurofeedback game (Flash), featuring almost 360 stunning puzzles. Suitable for people of all ages, it is easy to get started with a sample ready-to-use design.


Download the FREE Neurofeedback Game NeuroPuzzles


After the 30-days Trial version you can order the FULL version here!

Personalized Neurofeedback training with your own images

It is very easy to add new images yourself, allowing you to incorporate your client’s images into your therapy sessions. Each new Neurofeedback game provides the player with a random selection of puzzles. Each game has a number of levels which become harder to complete, since the pieces will become smaller and increase in number. Every puzzle is unique in the way it’s built up, the amount of pieces it consists of and the picture that’s selected!


Keep track of scores in a graph

The game keeps track of the player’s scores, providing easy to understand graphical feedback after each round. Information such as how many pieces were solved, and at what speed (pieces per minute) is available. The game automatically manages these rounds based on signals coming from either BioExplorer or BioGraph infiniti.


Easy to install and play out of the box

Install it and play. There is no multitude of dialog boxes or configuration screens, simply open or create a design and you are ready to go! The software comes with an extensive manual, and software required to run the game.


NeuroPuzzles runs in the BioExplorer and BioGraph Infiniti software.